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I'm a Swedish speaking self-proclaimed amateur programmer and webmaster living in Finland. (You probably don't know this already but Swedish is an official language in Finland, but it's only spoken by ~5% of the population.) I also speak a little German, but it's even worse than my Finnish.

In my spare time I hack (according to a correct definition), and usually in my favourite language Python which is a general purpose interpreted language, like Perl but less ugly. I made this site with a relatively simple script (mkhtml), which does have several issues but good enough for my purposes.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a hacker and no one has ever called me a "hacker".

I'm undecalingual, but only four of the languages are spoken:

Things I don't like

Still not bored? Well, here's some of my history

I'm an entirely self-taught programmer. I started with writing some lame games in Basic (I was baysick at the time :). I'm quite sure I started with Basic, but the rest is a blur.

Then I learned some Intel x86-16 assembler and DOS interrupts. Around the same time I started learning C++, HTML and JavaScript, and I also started dual booting.

That was at 2011 or earlier, I think. And about a year later I started "monobooting", (not Windrugs of course).

Sometime before I started "monobooting", I began with C. I still wrote the silly games, but with much less success. (= If you are baysick, you will certainly be seasick if you go out on the open water.)

Then, on a summer break, I found The Art of unix Programming which made me realize that C and multithreading isn't the right thing for me, so I have since been hacking in Python and my software projects are no longer as large and serious as they used to be. And then in late autumn 2013, this website was born.