Oskar Skog - self-proclaimed amateur programmer and webmaster


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About me

I'm a Swedish speaking self-proclaimed amateur programmer (as opposed to self-proclaimed expert) and webmaster living in Finland. (You probably don't know this already but Swedish is an official language in Finland, but it's only spoken by ~5% of the population.) I also speak a little German, but it's even worse than my Finnish.

In my spare time I hack (according to a correct definition), and usually in my favourite language Python which is a general purpose interpreted language, like Perl but less ugly. I made this site with a relatively simple script (mkhtml), which does have several issues but good enough for my purposes.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a hacker and no one has ever called me a "hacker".

I'm undecalingual, but only four of the languages are spoken:

Still not bored? Well, here's some of my history

I'm an entirely self-taught programmer. I started with writing some lame games in Basic (I was baysick at the time :). I'm quite sure I started with Basic, but the rest is a blur.

Then I learned some Intel x86-16 assembler and DOS interrupts. Around the same time I started learning C++, HTML and JavaScript, and I also started dual booting.

That was at 2011 or earlier, I think. And about a year later I switched over entirely to GNU/Linux.

Sometime before I started "monobooting", I began with C. I still wrote the silly games, but with much less success. (= If you are baysick, you will certainly be seasick if you go out on the open water.)

Then, on a summer break, I found The Art of unix Programming and I have since been hacking in Python