Sitemap for scripts' source code

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Simple CGI output module. Uses gzip compression on the output stream if the client accepts it.


It is a simple HTML/CGI preprocessor that automagically generates the navigation for every page from a tree.


This is (the source of) the script that generates this very page.

Through this, you can see the source code for all the scripts on my site.

    Requirements for a file for its /read/ page to be indexable by search engines:
  • Always indexable if whitelisted
  • Not manually blacklisted
  • Not made from another file
  • Text file
  • At least 3072/1536/1024 Unicode code points
  • At least 300/150/100 "words"
  • At least 60/30/20 lines
  • At least 24/12/8 comments

Simple Python module for prime factorisation. Uses the 6n plus/minus 1 phenomenom. Reasonably fast.


SSH honeypot login shell


killbom removes all UTF-8 BOMs from the specified files.

Notice that it literally removes every byte sequence of "\xef\xbb\xbf" which makes this tool unsuitable for binary files.


This simple XHTML minifier removes only indentation and comments. The reason I wrote this is that the other HTML minifiers caused validation errors.


XKCD-compatible password strength meter in Python. Tr0ub4dor&3 has approx 28 bits of entropy and correcthorsebatterystaple has approx 44.


'shrink-disavow' minifies disavow files for Google Search Console / Webmaster Tools. It converts multiple complete URLs on the same domain to the domain: syntax.


This is the stylesheet I use for my pages.

  • It has mobile friendly a-elements (links).
  • It contains all the styling for the navigation bar.
  • It's printer friendly and mobile friendly.

See also: The script that generates the navigation bar and includes the footer in every page


Create joke pages for the unpreferred www and tridecane subdomains. The pages will link to the intended page.

See the doc-string for `main` for more information.

Or try it.